Piano Moving Montreal

Tips to Remember for a Safe and Secure Move

Piano moving Montreal is definitely not a piece of cake. Unlike other household items, your piano requires a special amount of care and attention when being moved to ensure that you will not compromise the quality of your beloved instruments.

The piano is among the trickiest and most difficult items to move. Considered as one of the world’s most famous musical instruments, pianos are bulky, making it difficult to move them around corners and inside elevators, from room to other room, or from home to home.

Piano moving Montreal is something that should be done with great care in order not to compromise your valuable investment. We move all types and size of pianos, from the smallest console piano to the largest grand piano.

To give you some idea, here are a few tips on how to successfully and safely move a piano:

  • Make sure that you know the weight of the instrument before you move it in order to have sufficient manpower ready.
  • Most of the weight of the piano comes from the cast iron harp holding the strings. The smaller upright pianos have weights of around 300-400 pounds since their cast iron harm are smaller compared to the grand pianos or big uprights. The big uprights can weigh from 500-800 pounds and some can even reach as much as 900 pounds. The grand pianos, on the other hand, can weigh about 500-1200 pounds. Always get the help of a professional piano mover for the bigger pianos.
  • Never roll around the piano on their metal casters. These casters are solely for decoration purposes and are not really that functional because once used, these can easily scrape a newly finished hardwood floor. Instead, you can use a piano dolly. Take note that the longer that your piano sits in one place, the more deterioration will happen to the casters. If you are not too careful, these can easily jam up on you if you push the piano on time. Using the leg casters to push a grand piano can lead to a leg break while pushing an upright piano on casters can break the front legs.
  • As much as possible, it is important to use the piano dolly, we have all equipment and supplies for piano moving Montreal. This is the easiest and simplest way for moving your instrument, piano upright, baby grand and table piano, electric organ. This can be used for moving the piano on inclines or ramps, over level ground or when you tip it up or down to get over a curb. Piano dollies can be used for rolling the instrument over plywood to traverse gravel, sand, cobblestones, grass and other slightly loose or uneven surface.

Piano Movers Montreal

A note of warning: while there is nothing wrong in moving your piano on your own, hiring professional’s movers who are experts in piano moving Montreal can ensure you of a safe and successful move that will not put any risk on your valued instrument. You can always rely on these piano movers when it comes to securing the piano and making sure that it will not encounter any unwanted disaster or incur any damages that can compromise your beloved investment. 

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