July 1 is moving day in Montreal

Moving Day is a historical tradition in Quebec, where today is known as the “Jour du déménagement.”

By tradition, leases throughout the nation go from 1 July 30 June. A very big ratio of the dwellers are Montreal in renters – 1998, over 251,00 people applied to have their telephone services hooked up at a fresh place for the 1st of July. 1n 1988, the BBC UK send a movie crew in to make documentary of it all.

Many apartment leases in Montreal and rest of area expire 1 July so for 1000s of Quebecers, Canada Day is spend moving and unloading and packing.

Streets in neighborhoods across the big city on Sunday morning were filled with citizens celebrating the nation birthday, but with furniture, mattresses, and other household items.

The city was guessing to get more than 60,000 tones of discarded items during the Canada Day – or Moving Day – Weekend.

Montreal has a solid link with Canada Day. Federal and Provincial polling data as well as election results always show that the greater part of the city inhabitants lean towards federalism.

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Why Hire A Moving Company On July 1 Moving Day In Montreal?

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Best Price Movers in Montreal

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