Why you should call us…for Montreal and areas moving?

Montreal and surrounding areas high moving season approaches. Frustrations raise, discontent precedes anger and all because of one single choice that either has not been done in time, or was badly done - the choice of the moving company.

We are not amateur or opportunists, that is why we are the best choice for Montreal residential and commercial moving and delivery services

Call our company Demenagement Montreal and you will not have the bad surprise of dealing with an inexperienced moving company, or a bad intended amateur who needs desperately your money without providing adequate service quality, because of lack of experience, or not show at all on the date signed for. Sometimes it is not about bad intent or ill will, not at all. It is more of inexperience that most of the starter’s mistakes are committed.

Most bad experiences with such companies come from the fact that these people are inexperienced. Instead of offering a courteous customer experience, they use the deceitful means to induce their clients into accepting deals that are filled with traps and hidden fees. They post a low price, which differ greatly from the final price that may be double even three times as high as the original. Sometimes, people fall for these price incentives, which are too good to miss out, except that because their agendas are full, over filled, these poor guys are physically not capable to perform even half of their contracts, abandoning sometimes as much as half of their planned moves.

Moving is a physically requiring profession and not everyone is able to do it on a constant pace. Even our professional movers require a system of pauses and free time for them to be able to recover from the fatigue and physical stress, except that we do have a system to circulate the personnel, and a large pool of resources, which allows us the capacity to ensure an adequate, resourceful and sustainable human resource management.  

We say poor guys, but we consider their real victims - their customers receive an unfair treatment on their own expense. Too pity, as most of such companies, who would risk legal pursuit would simply close the next day, or next month, to resurface as a new company, a new name and address.

That is why we are the best choice for moving, residential or commercial, as well as deliveries of all sizes in Montreal.

We are not control freaks, that is why we are the best alternative for residential or commercial customers who require moving and delivery services in Montreal, north shore and south shore

We are no suing our customers using legal attorneys and do not use credit unions to harass our customers, as our customers as a rule are satisfied with our prices, which are well below our biggest competitors represented by some large moving companies.

Dealing with certain large companies in Montreal, who have rigid contractual agreements, means that once signed, trap you in the legal terms and make you pay generously for a moving experience that you would rather avoid, as these movers work very slowly, and are not efficient, giving only the image of prudence, in fact just delaying the finality. Not only that the hourly rate is enormous, you do not have any alternatives except to watch the movers have a tortoise speed and quickly deplete your pockets. 3000$, 6000$ for a residential move, that is a piece of cake for such companies who pay generously their lawyers to fight to discredit the credit history of their previous customers and at the same time and their CEOs and customer service who avoid taking your calls or show you the door.

The contracts that you will have to obviously sign will have been provided by expert attorneys with very intricate legal terms that once signed for, keep the customer under the sole of the company management, incurring many hidden or unrelated charges if the customer tries to change or to alter a contract. Even if it is not the case, the customer is charged various fees and taxes that are traced with difficulty. And there is no way out as the legal agreement is very professionally formulated, in order to not leave even the slightest chance for appeal. They are control freaks, not us!

We are a local average company that employ local people, and all our resources go back to the community in the form of fees, salaries, taxes and purchases, in contrast to big companies who send their revenues as dividends to foreign shareholders not belonging to this community and having no interest whatever to ensure a good quality and return of resources to the community they have taken so much. Call us and invest in your community!

We are a very good alternative for Montreal moving and delivery, as well north shore and south shore

It is seldom that our company charged 800$, or 900$ for residential moving in Montreal. It happens very rarely and that is because we are hard working, we do not extra costs to forward to the customer, employing lawyers and paying premiums to our CEOs.

Our company is registered and active all year round. Trucks come and go every day very frequently. Teams of experienced movers and drivers succeed one after another.

For best quotes call us as our best price offers for Moving in Montreal and surrounding areas like Laval, Boucherville, Longueuil, Terrebonne, Repentigny, Assomption, Chateauguay, Nuns’ Island etc  are of limited character and will soon expire, or visit our web page for additional information. We will take great pleasure in answering your call in a courteous and respectful manner.